The main purpose of the Foundation is to support research and education at the University of Gothenburg and the Chalmers Technical University

The Foundation was created in 1933 by Anna Ahrenberg, a well-situated woman from Gothenburg with interest in art, music, science and charity.

Applications to the Foundation can be made partly by people registered in Gothenburg and organizations performing business enshrined in the statues, partly persons in the Region of Gothenburg, doing research at the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers. Furthermore, persons doing research or having an employment at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers or, eventually, doing research or education at another department in the Region but registered outside the Region of Gothenburg.

In the statutes activities supported by the Foundation is presented: “research, artistic activities or cultural studies”.

From the returns the funds of the Foundation financial support can be given also “to promote beneficial and church purposes.” The Foundation grants yearly support of about 3 MSEK.

During the last years the Foundation has used a considerable part of available funds to support new research concerning Gothenburg and its inhabitants in relevant to the 400 year anniversary of the city.

Also forward, research on the development of the city of Gothenburg and its inhabitants will be a priority part in allocation of the research grants of the Foundation.

At present, there are application forms only for some scholarships and grants and only in the Swedish language. Necessary information is:

1)      name, address and year of birth
2)      working-place/occupation
3)      telephone number and e-mail
4)      if appropriate, academic exam
5)      searched amount and time for implementation
6)      name of the project and short description of the purpose in Swedish
7)      project plan, budget and CV (short); can be in English.

Board meetings will be held at the end of March or beginning of April and during November. Applications processed at these meetings shall have been submitted at February the 15th respective October the 15th if no other instruction is given.

Special scholarships are the Rome – scholarship for architect students at Chalmers and Grez-sur-Loing – scholarships for picture- and form-artists, authors, musicians and composers. These are applied for at special application periods and at special application forms.

The Foundation has also grants for post-doctors and guest-researchers at some departments. These grants will be announced and distributed by departments concerned.

Stiftelsens huvudsakliga ändamål

Att stödja forskning och utbildning vid Göteborgs universitet och Chalmers tekniska högskola.

Detta sker främst genom anslag till enskilda forskare, forskargrupper och institutioner.